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Sell Your iPhone!

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Sell Your iPhone Online in Canada

iPhone 64GB, 256GB trade in value

What is my used iPhone worth?

The price that we offer can vary depending on which model you have and what condition your device is in. Generally, newer devices have higher value but they do depreciate faster so keep that in mind if you are planning to upgrade soon.

How much can you sell an iPhone for?

You can select your device and then the storage capacity and the carrier to get an accurate price of what your device is worth.

Where can I sell my iPhone online?

To get the highest payout for your device, you would be better off selling your device on your own through classified sites like Kijiji. We still think our quotes are a better value considering that it’s a guaranteed sale vs selling the device on your own once you factor in the time you need to spend to research selling price, and then taking pictures of the device, listing it for sale, answering queries, and then meeting up with a stranger to finalize the deal. At Gizcan, you simply select your phone’s options and we send you a shipping kit.

Your iPhone Trade In Price

Selling your iPhone to Gizcan is extremely simply. You can select your device, the device capacity, the network it’s with and then finally the cosmetic condition to get the device trade in value. Once you’ve accepted your quote, you select whether you want a shipping label or a shipping kit. Once we receive your device, we get you paid within 24 hours.

Do you guys buy broken iPhones?

Yes, we do. We purchase iPhones in all condition. The price varies based on the condition of your device but generally if the phone powers on and we can test it for functionality, we will pay you for it.

It’s important to select the correct condition for your device to ensure that you get the most accurate quote. The price is finalized once your device actually comes in and is tested by us.

Checklist – before selling your device:

  • Back-Up all your personal data
  • Log-Out of your iCloud/Samsung/Google account
  • Remove sim/memory cards/li>
  • Remove accessories
  • Factory reset your device


iPhone Trade-In Value

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