We're Gizcan and we're looking for you!

Gizcan is recognized for it’s Canada-wide buyback program for cellular devices. We aim to make use of the unused cellular devices lying around in every Canadian household. We see our self as a technology service company part of the “recommerce” evolution.  We’re growing and we want you to join us. We’re pretty good at taking care of devices but we’re even better at taking care of people. Carrying a nation-wide trade-in program competing with large-scale carriers is not an easy job; and that’s where you come in.


Technology excites us and we can’t even beging to calculate the impact it has on our everyday lives. We look for someone who not only embraces technology, but also makes it a part of who they are. We are looking for outgoing individuals with a willingness to share their knowledge, experiences and understanding of the technological world. At Gizcan, we aim to find a home for used cellular devices but more importantly make a positive impact on the world. WE strongly believe that together, our joint efforts can make a difference.

Let's make a difference together

At Gizcan, we attribute our success to our team. A diverse team that lives and breathes a drive-to-win philosophy. Our team doesn’t shy away from thinking of big ideas and bringing them to life. We are digital beings who are determined to meet the demands of our customers. We go above and beyond to connect with our customers and deliver the service they deserve. By doing this, we set standards for all new, emerging and existing businesses in Canada. We are home to a great Canadian brand and maximizing its potential relies on the combined efforts of our strategic and tactical teams. We’re constantly changing and evolving and to remain the best, we need the best. This is where you come in. We welcome individuals of all shapes and sizes, religion, sexual orientation and backgrounds. At Gizcan, we are looking for people who can easily embrace change, take risks and break boundaries. We believe that your integrity, ambition and momentum can help us make the difference. We offer great opportunities for both self and career growth. Currently, we are seeking individuals for the following occupations:

  • Web Developers
  • Cell Phone Technicians
  • Shipping & Receiving (Warehouse Staff)
  • Designers
  • Animation Specialists
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Marketers

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