Business Solutions

We offer multiple solutions to the meet the needs of your organization.

We work closely with all our business customers to meet your needs. Working with us ensures that you get the highest level of satisfaction and timely work completion. We work with businesses of all sizes ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. We also have programs in place to work alongside educational and government institutions. No matter what type of business you are, we are interested in working with you. Ask us about how can we can help. Some of the services we offer can be found below.


Asset Recovery

We offer comprehensive and detailed asset recovery which goes beyond a traditional data wipe. We ensure your devices are clean as they can be at the end of their life.


Bulk Sales

Looking to sell more than 10 devices at a time? We can get real competitive and offer customized quotes based on your devices. This is the best way to monetize your assets.


Fleet Renewal

Looking to upgrade your organization’s devices to the latest tablets and want to make use of your old ones? We can help you do that.


Institutional Partnerships

We look forward to partner with government and educational institutions to integrate device recycling into their practices. We often partner with schools to run drives for charity purposes.


Complete Electronics Solution

For businesses, we offer a solution for all kinds of electronics. We purchase cell phones, tablets, chargers, batteries, accessories, laptops, desktops & all other e-waste regardless of age or condition.



We take our refer a friend program to the next step by partnering with businesses. We are currently seeking businesses of all kinds to integrate our buyback programs into their online and offline businesses.

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